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Desirée Kent has been on over one hundred first dates and lived to tell about it. In her quest to find her match she has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of dating - and she reveals it all here. In each of her one hundred stories, Desiree describes navigating online dating in Los Angeles, dating in foreign countries, and learning to love herself in the process.

Whether you’re single and looking to commiserate about dating, or married and curious about single life, Desirée tells all. Be ready to laugh, cry and cringe in this book of one hundred tales.


I love everything about this and I totally painted a picture of the date in my head as I read the passage."

UGH! I don't miss dating AT ALL! Loved the read're so brave for putting yourself out there both personally and professionally…there are so many women and men out there that will relate to you and your book!

I cannot imagine having the courage to put myself out there 100 times. I can barely be vulnerable and my true authentic self with one man…thank you..

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