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The Universe is Looking Out for Me...

I got stood up again last week. Again. This wasn’t even an online date - he was someone I met at a bar. I wasn’t sure he was going to be that promising in the first place. He texted me impromptu on a Wednesday to see if I wanted to get together that night. I told him that wasn’t feasible - but Friday happy hour would work. He named the time and the place, and we agreed to meet up. When I realized I was going to be a few minutes late, I messaged him to say I so. I didn’t hear back. I got up to the bar, and took a look around. I texted him. Are you here? Just got to the bar. He didn’t respond. I ordered a drink. I figured I would give him some time, just in case. Ten minutes went by. Twenty minutes. I had finished my drink. I didn’t want another one. The situation had left a b

ad taste in my mouth. At the thirty minute mark, I realized he wasn’t going to show. I left the bar and went in search of something to eat. I found myself at a restaurant bar and ordered another drink and some food. Suddenly, the guy next to met started to chat with me. He was new to the area, had just started dating someone. I wasn’t interested, but it was sort of nice to have someone to talk to. It was definitely better than wallowing in my own self-pity. I finished my meal, and called my Lyft. I even told my Lyft driver what happened - she was empathetic and couldn’t believe the nerve of the guy. I had her drop me at a local restaurant down the street. The bartender knows me by name (don’t judge) and asked how it was going. I told him I got stood up. He cocked his head and told me how much that sucked, but that the guy was not worth my time. Some guy a few seats down (who was very attractive) latched on to the idea that I’d been stood up. “That sucks. What happened?” He’d found his in. We started talking. Somehow we got to talking about the 2nd Amendment and we realized we were not compatible politically. He had voted for Trump. No thanks. It was fun while it lasted. I left and walked to the bar right down the street from my place. One drink, I told myself. Famous last words. I walked past an empty seat at the bar, closest to the door - the guy standing next to the chair was not attractive, and I didn’t want him to talk to me. I kinda just wanted to be by myself. I chose a seat at the far end. I was enjoying my drink, texting some friends, when the same guy bellied up next to me. “You know, you took my seat. But I’ll let you sit there.” Ah, he thought I hadn’t seen him at the other end of the bar. Whatever, dude. He smelled like smoke and some ridiculous aftershave. He had a ponytail, braces, and an accent with a lisp. I was not a fan. The unfortunate part of being at a bar by yourself sometimes is it’s difficult to send these dudes away. I never know how they’re going to react. I let him chat with me. He told me he reminded me of his dead wife. Well, isn’t that fun? The minute he left (he was driving back to freaking Ontario that night) another dude pulled right into his spot without missing a beat. What is going on? Alright, Universe, I see that you’re trying to make sure I feel loved and appreciated. You’re just sending all the wrong guys. This guy opened with, “Want to play darts?” I told him I didn’t. He then said it was the only way he knew to approach me. He sat on the stool and proceeded to ask me some awkward questions. “I’m surprised someone hasn’t put a ring on that finger. How come you’re single?” Thank you, sir. I’m clearly property, chattel to be reigned in. Ugh. I’m over this dude. He proceeded to converse with me for a while longer. He told me about how he lived with his mom. I had finished my drink. “Did you want another one?” I told him I didn’t. “Good, because I didn’t want to buy another drink anyways.” Wow, what a gentleman. I told him I was leaving. “Can I get your number?” I patted him on the arm, and told him no. He looked surprised. This dude needs to learn rejection at some point, right? It’ll make him tougher. Plus I’m tired of doing things just to be nice. I don’t want to just ignore his texts later. Let me just nip it in the bud. I walked home, realizing that although I had been stood up that night, I had been presented with four different men who appreciated me in some way - even if it was not the way I wanted to be appreciated. The Universe is looking out for me, and I can either wallow in my pity, or realize the gifts that are placed in front of me. Even if they suck. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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