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Five Ways I Prep for an Online Date

The book launches on Oct 1. I can hardly believe it! Mark your calendars now. 

And I'm still dating! Here are some ways I psych myself up for what feels like the one millionth date: 1. Review his profile - I want to make sure I come prepared with questions to ask him. I also want to make sure I remember which guy I’m going out with. 2. Spritz perfume - I always try to find a perfume that matches my mood, whether it’s fun and flirty or sultry and sexy. Perfume helps me get in the mood for my date.

3. Tell a friend - I send a screenshot of his photo and part of his profile, and tell my friend where I’m meeting him. I give her a time in which I’ll be home. I’d rather be over-cautious than under-prepared. 4. Wear what feels good - I may go through a few outfits when choosing what to wear. Mostly because I want to make sure I feel comfortable physically. For me, this is the first step in making sure I also feel comfortable emotionally. I need to feel confident in what I’m wearing, and I know that will allow me to show up as my best self. 5. Give myself permission - I mentally give myself permission to walk out if I feel like it’s not going well. I don’t need to waste my time, or cater to a stranger’s feelings if I don’t feel great about the events of the evening. It’s been a hard one to follow through with. But, I’ve done it four times in my dating career, and it’s worth it for my emotional wellbeing. 

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