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3 men I'm sick of talking to online

Online dating is hard. Like, really hard. It’s difficult enough to suss out who’s genuine and who’s an idiot based on profile alone. Engaging in conversation is a fucking challenge sometimes.

1. The guy that only says hey/hello/what’s up He starts the conversation with an opener, I respond, and then he doesn’t text back until the next day. Then, he’ll say hey or hi or hello again. I’ll respond, almost immediately. He texts back the next day, with…you guessed it - another greeting! It gets real old, real fast. 2. The guy that starts with pet names His first message usually includes one of the following words: sweetie, baby, honey, mama, ma. Don’t open with that. It’s just not cute. I don’t know you, it’s demeaning, degrading, and already puts me in a box I don’t want to be in.

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